Million Dollar Chicken Coop

moneyBlue Star Ranch tells a story about things learned as a chicken farmer and following a real chicken farmer in poultry means that you never stop learning. It’s a story about wealth and that chickens could give you the nest egg especially if it is a million dollar chicken coop.

It is all possible if you set out to have a small to medium operation, with a goal to become rich. Many have made mistakes in raising chickens and those who are prepared to learn from mistakes and put in the effort to correct them could still achieve their goal.

The Blue Star Ranch story is all about making an income even when you don’t have job prospects or are limited to staying at home. A poultry business could be run from home, takes only some space in your backyard and could be all you need to succeed. It is said that you can have a lifestyle of a million dollars with a successful chicken business in your backyard.

Million Dollar Chicken Coop

One of the great benefits of running a business this way is that you’ll be outdoors, enjoy time with birds singing, get to know each chicken’s personality and have fresh garden food and eggs all year round. To make a living the eggs can be sold, the chickens as meet and chicks can be sold to other farmers.

The million dollar lifestyle starts with a chicken coop of healthy laying hens, which can provide for your family, fresh eggs to eat daily, meat, cash from chicken sales, cash from egg selling, meat sales and the manure can be used for a sustainable garden from compost. If added up it could work out to over $2,000 a month in added income and chickens raised that are raised correctly could see this be a monthly income.

This income is exactly what you would have if you had $1 million in the bank, collected interest and lived off the interest monthly. More money can be made from compost bagged with manure and other scraps, garden fruits and more. The main focus is to keep the chicken well fed, treat them right and cater for their every need, your chicken coop could give you a fantastic lifestyle while you are doing something you love.

If your main focus is egg layers you would need a good idea of how to replace your chickens, harvest, and hatch. Sustainable harvesting and growing of poultry in eggs and meat is on the rise and learning how to barter with your products are key. With fresh products, you are always in demand.

It won’t be easy from the start but as a farmer you will learn every day, meet others who are in the same business, get to know experts in the field and learn from each of them. Best of all you will be able to plan ahead for you and your family with a good business plan, set goals long and short term, achieve them and have a steady income.

Key factors are to research, plan well and know there is always more to learn, identify mistakes, ask for help from others, learn from these mistakes and keep improving your business. Many started like this and will never look back, but it won’t be easy at first, nothing worth it ever is.