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chicken-159496_1280Welcome to RiseandShineFarms.com, this site is dedicated to the love of farming and raising of chickens. There are some great articles to help get you started in this process, especially for those who want to generate their own source of food, whether is be eggs or poultry. Take time to read our articles as many will help you on your way to raising chickens, hens and enjoying the fruits of your love and labour.

Raising Poultry

Chickens allow you to enjoy a little bit of farming heaven in your backyard or on the farm and produce the best fresh eggs, not available at shops, plus baking with fresh eggs are much better too. While your chicken pets entertain themselves for most of the day, it is important to get the correct size coop, food and enough room for them to spread their wings. Setting up initially costs money and they require daily care.

There are quite a few factors that come in when deciding on which breed and this mostly depends on the area or country you live in, once that is sorted you need to choose hen versus a rooster and its size. Once you have completed this, it is happy family farming time.

Raising chickens in your backyard is not only about fresh eggs, it gives you a new Zen television experience, gets your entire family to spend more time outdoors learning each chickens personality and watching them grow from your porch is the best feeling. This gives your children a sense of country living, farm experience and teaches them about the importance of taking care of animals. The best part is the hen will wake you up with a friendly cock-a-doodle-doo early in the morning to remind you that you are so much closer to farm life. The love of chickens is easily noticed within “our culture in many ways” and often show a humorous take on raising chickens and seeing how they can be adorable on many levels.

One of the most important factors is to feed your chickens the correct food, perfect variety and all the essentials needed to keep them laying more eggs. By changing their diet from the 19th century to today have proofed to increase eggs from 90 a year to over 300 for a single hen. Although commercial pellets are a great source of nutrition, other needed essentials include grit and coarsely broken oyster shell plus some vegetables and fresh water should be available to them at all times.

In order to make an extra income from chickens, there are several factors to be considered, starting off your hen farm would require finding about the laws in your area, best feed, suitability of your garden and if you are not the homeowner, then permission is needed by the owner. You would need to have a business plan to ensure you make the profit you intended and have a good set of markets or businesses in your area.

The million dollar plan by experts from Blue Star Ranch gives great ideas on how to start, plan and succeed. Best of all you not alone in this business and others are eager to give advice and if you persist, learn from your mistakes and correct them, then this could be the nest egg you longed for.

A business plan needs to be in place from the start and will grow with you and your business, it’s basically a two-sided job with administration on the one side and managing on the other. Both equally important to ensure you are prepared for expenses and growing your business successfully.

Conditions on factory chicken farms are rarely discussed and there is a good reason for that, conditions are appalling and with no law protecting chickens, they live in the worst conditions, which is the reason why more and more people have eliminated meat from their diets.

Modern technology allows farmers to control elements such as temperature from their cell phones and they can continually monitor the conditions remotely.