Business Plan for Poultry Farming

Business PlanA great sample for a poultry business plan template is the executive summary. It’s the egg production via the raising producing table and eggs and birds that would use a battery cage of 2, 400. Point of Lay or POL is the chicken, their feeding, medication and then the selling of eggs, increasing their numbers they’re after to 5,000. Chickens in their third year have 10,000 chicks and 20,000 day old chicks in the fifth.

Now it is safe to work on a first-year peak production in which the farm could produce about 60 crates of eggs per day, this is worked out at 30 eggs per crate. The egg production is the most popular due to consumption and production come in several forms that includes breeder meat. Geese farming or ornamental bird rearing come in at specialization, here it includes point of lay production, egg trading, liquid egg package, day old chicks, feed milling, transportation, and egg depot businesses.

The poultry industry is a multi-billion industry, in Nigeria the absence of credit, cost of maize, massive interest rates, and electricity problems makes expenses high. Your vision could include general employment, producing nutritious eggs and wealth creation, whit a mission to build an efficient business.

Poultry Farming

Things to keep in check is value propositions for wealth creation, success factors are critical, thinking about finance there must be funds available as needed in accordance with plans to completely eliminate stress or cost in revenues. This is a knowledge-based business and it is necessary to develop skills to become an expert.

The housing of your chickens are vital and need proper ventilation, space and heat reducing in areas where needed. Disease entrance must be kept minimal and a source of fresh water greatly important. Water contamination is brutal and has to be avoided at all cost.

Nutrition is most important for success and cost-cutting in this area could be a dangerously high mistake. All nutrition required should be of high standard and the balance between pellets, vegetables, shells and grit need to be strictly monitored and consistently checked.

When nutrition is perfect, egg producing is high and a structured marketing plan is needed in advance. Proper marketing with advertisement ensures the product is made available to the full target market. Contracts with supermarkets are valuable, fresh markets need to be part of it, bakeries needs eggs daily to ensure their food are the best, restaurants use eggs daily and butcheries might have a double benefit with buying meat and eggs at the same time. There are many possibilities but it will be your task to set it up and make known what volumes are available.

Managing a larger farm business needs both administration and strict control, the larger your farm the more employment it provides, which makes managing it a bigger task, with theft control, quality control and general standard upkeep. The administration could include contractors, suppliers, transport costs, vehicle cost, transport, export and other markets. Major farms would need staff housing, uniforms, and proper boots.

But it is not all that complicated as you would start small and grow your business, while learning new tricks of the chicken trade daily, and before long you’ll be an expert, although new things can be learned daily.