How to Make and Extra Income with Chickens

dollar signKeeping chickens could make an extra income from home and would start off with creating a small hen farm on your property. This would include knowing your area laws about keeping chickens especially if you live in a built up or urban area. Laws in these areas normally will allow up to six chickens only and in some areas roosters are not allowed.

It is important to consider if your property is suitable for the number of chickens you are allowed to have. If you are renting, then the owner will have to give permission and if you have a show garden, you might not want the chickens to roam about, plus chicken poop is another factor. But it is your choice if the chickens are free-range or not. Even free range chickens would need a predator and escape proof enclosure. Coops can be custom built or bought and should be a decent size.

Remember you need a hen house for your new friends to be safe and protected at night. The hen house height could be about 7 feet or 2.1 meters and ensure it is warm, draft free, provide shelter from rain, hail, snow and harsh winds. If your coop is well ventilated it can prevent respiratory disorders and frostbite. Make sure to provide nesting spot in wooden boxes filled with some straw to allow chickens to lay their egg in it or brood in. Perches for sleeping on I needed and most chickens prefer to roost above ground. Wood shavings and straw is commonly used.


It is best to purchase hens of 45 days old up to 2 months, as they start laying eggs from the fourth month up to about 2 years of age. Hens give about one egg a day or 1 egg every two days in the first year. They can be fed a finisher feed or high protein levels before slaughter. Pellets are available at farm stores or ordered online.

You have to consider what you will be able to feed the chickens, feeding is important to think about as you don’t want to feed them things that will eat into your profitability. Choosing food will need to be at a budget price without compromising the quality of eggs produced and a lack of nutrients will cause diseases. Promote egg layers by feeding hens crushed eggshell or oyster egg shells, chicks thrive on corn and wheat and chickens love scraps as long as you don’t give them avocado or any food that has come into alcohol plus never give them uncooked egg as this will teach them to eat their own eggs.

It might be more affordable to buy food in bulk but then it should be stored in a dry place, placing them in containers might be a great solution as it keeps rats out. A suitable water container is important and purchasing chicken feeders are great for chicks. Fresh water needs to be available at all times. To run a profitable egg sales business require some research regarding prices and free range eggs are in demand so if this is the market you are going for keep chickens on organic garden food. Find the best way to distribute eggs, great set off could be bakeries, supermarkets, and fresh produce markets.